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Sirona HELIODENT Plus Imaging systems

Intuitive and safe operation

Above all, the X-ray unit suitable for your practice must be easy to operate so that intraoral X-rays can be taken quickly and safely. The user interface must be understood intuitively and at first glance.

Image quality and network operations

Just how well a system supports you in routine X-ray diagnostics has less to do with the number of functions it offers than with the image quality it produces. The definition, details and distinct structures of X-ray images are vital for the reliability of your diagnosis.

Robust quality - flexible integration

The quality of an X-ray unit is also revealed by how long it accompanies you. No matter what room conditions prevail in your practice, the new intraoral X-ray system from Sirona will flexibly adapt to its local conditions. Ideal prerequisites for a long partnership!

SIDENT™ Limited supply Heliodent plus unit for sale in UK for dentist, dental clinic, care & practice. Heliodent Plus - New Intraoral X-ray system from Sirona.