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DAC Universal
Close your hygiene gap

Hygiene is becoming more important, yet it should not require too much effort in your daily practice. That is why our hygiene formula is: Safe. Clean. Rapid.

DAC UNIVERSAL cleans, lubricates and sterilizes 6 instruments - fully automatic at the touch of a button for your patients' protection. It is thus more versatile than any other instrument reprocessing unit.

DAC UNIVERSAL - The universal combination autoclave.

  • Work test included for simplified initial validation
  • Cleaning and sterilization results can be validated
  • Major time and cost savings
  • Short operating times, easy-to-use
  • Documentation possible via printer or PC software

DAC Premium
Highest standards, easily achieved

DAC PREMIUM and DAC PREMIUM+ use the same double-walled sterilization chambers (twin chamber technology) as hospital autoclaves. The chambers are preheated with steam, which is then used for sterilisation. You save time, energy costs and both you and your patients are protected by the best possible sterilization result in a reliable and legally compliant manner.

The twin chamber technology also offers a decisive advantage because the air is very quickly evacuated from the hollows of the instruments, sterilisation packages and chamber. With autoclaves of the DAC PREMIUM class, you can quickly and easily step into the traceability of the instruments used on patients and thereby solidify your quality management.

  • Legal certainty by meeting all relevant norms
  • Documentation with printer, CF card or PC software is possible
  • Intuitive operation via the colour touch display
  • Very short sterilisation cycles
  • Energy saving mode: Automatic reduction of standby temperature

DAC Professional
An investment in quality

No matter what chamber size you choose, the DAC PROFESSIONAL class autoclaves are a safe investment. Manufactured in Germany, certified production standards and a stainless steel chamber ensure extremely high quality and durability. Both versions are suitable for all thermostable items and types of sterilisation, i.e., no additional sterilisation device is required. Operator errors are a thing of the past with the integrated display and market-tested user interface.

  • Sterilisation results can be validated
  • Works test included for simplified initial validation
  • Short operating times, easy-to-use
  • Variable loading options
  • Documentation possible via printer, NITRAflash or PC software
SIDENT™ Limited supply cleaner handpieces and turbines for dentists, dental practice in UK. Cleans, lubricates and sterilizes in approx. 12 minutes!